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PPP members blast PML-N for rampant power outages

KARACHI: Pakistan People's Party's members in Sindh Assembly session today blasted Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz for long hours of outages in the province, ARY News reported on Friday.

Education Minister Nisar Khuhro said that the people of the province have been insulted by calling them thieves.

PPP leader Qadir Patel asked whether electricity only stolen in Sindh and lashed at state minister for power Abid Sher Ali. He said shutdown of power supply to Sindh over arrears, has made life miserable for the people of the province.

Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani, on protest of PML-N members  expunged criticism against Prime Minister from the assembly record.

The government and opposition ratio in the house changed today after 51 MQM members were allotted seats at treasury benches. The tally of treasury members has now reached to 142 leaving only 25 members in the opposition including eight PML-N, 11 PML-F, four PTI and two ANP members.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Muslim League-Functional now competing for the office of the leader of the opposition in the house. Irfanullah Marwat, Arbab Ghulam Rahim and Nand Kumar have emerged as aspirants for the post. 



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