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Chandio feels Mustafa Kamal enjoys “someone’s blessings”

“Kamal is not independent at the moment – he has come here following someone’s backing,” he said while speaking to media here.

Chandio says he prays for the MQM chief and his health. “We may be political opponents, but we respect each other.”

He said revelations of Mustafa Kamal will rock Hyderabad and its after-effects will be felt in Mirpurkhas as well.

Taking exception to the federal government, he said Punjab doesn’t see any other province as Pakistan other than itself.

The Lahore can’t be declared as the whole of Pakistan, he castigated while referring to Punjab chief minister’s special focus in his province.

He said he was not in favour of granting all powers to the Rangers in Sindh. “If all powers are meant to be transferred to the paramilitary force, then what the government is supposed to do,” he asked.



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