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Prabhu Deva suffers bout of paralysis during shooting

According to an Indian news website, Prabhu Deva said that he felt something happen on his back while he was doing a dance move and was completely paralyzed later.

Doctors told him that he had suffered a fit of temporary paralysis because of a muscle pull.


He vowed that he will be much careful in the future to avoid such a condition.

The director advised, “Whether it is a fight, dance or emotional scene, please don’t overdo it. Nothing is worth one’s health.”

“When I was on the floor, my life flashed through my mind. I thought of my two sons’ future. That’s when I decided I will be careful in the future,” he added.


He went on to say he was in terrible pain hours after the incident. He added that he couldn’t move at all and was thinking about what life would be without being able to move.


Prabhudeva will be seen in an upcoming comedy-horror movie titled Tutak Tutak Tukiya along side Tamannah Bhatia and Sonu Sood. The film will be released on 7th October, 2016.



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