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Practice of involving Army, Rangers in everything should be shunned: Kamal

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said the practice of involving Army in everything should be shunned lest we exhaust our last line of defence in the issues supposed to be resolved by other institutions, ARY News reported.

“The responsibility lies upon all the political parties and the federal and provincial governments to figure out why a 12-13 years old boy of this country is ready to carry out suicide attacks. Is an Army operation the only solution to bring peace,” he questioned talking to media in Karachi on the current political situation in the backdrop of current wave of terrorism.

He said we should dig out what motivates the suicide attackers.

Kamal said Army and Rangers are the last line of defence. We are exhausting them (by involving in back-to-back operations). He cautioned that who would the government call for help if the anti-terror operations failed.

“Out of twenty points of National Action Plan (NAP) only two are related to Pakistan Army for (anti-terrorists) operations. Rest of the 18 points were supposed to be resolved by the government,” he said adding that were those 18 points implemented by the government that it was launching operations one after another.

He also lauded the Army for the gains accomplished in tribal areas during Operation Zarb-e-Azb, However, he said, even this was not an ultimate peace.

The PSP chief said the NAP included FATA reforms, reforms in criminal judicial system, reforms in police system, reforms in curriculum of madressahs, reforms in Balochistan and taking Karachi Operation to logical conclusion.

He said granting Rangers policing powers in Punjab was laudable, however, the question arises here would it bring lasting peace to the province, he questioned. Rangers was brought in Karachi for six months 25 years ago. Did it yet bring peace in the metropolis?, he further questioned.

Mustafa Kamal said the enemy was still able to operate at his will wherever in the country he desired.



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