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Pre-winter rains cause drop in temperature across Pakistan

The northern parts of the country also witnessed landslides due to heavy rain and snowfall during the weekend. The rainfalls and snowfall also led to a marked decline in temperature across the country. Naran received ample snowfall, up to two feet whereas in nearby areas the snowfall went up to four feet.



A spokesman for the Pakistan Meteorological Department warned that this development could signify that  winter has arrived and it could be harsher and longer for this year.

“This is the heaviest pre-winter rainfall in Pakistan’s history and has affected more than 80 per cent of country,” he said.



Islamabad and Rawalpindi received the highest amount of rainfall, with the country’s capital receiving 135 mm of rain and its twin city receiving 81 mm.  Zero Point received  127 mm, Saidpur receiving 137 mm, Bokra 94 mm, Shamsabad 131 mm and Chaklala 102mm. Whereas Golra received  107 mm rainfall, Shamsabad 131, Bokra 94 mm and Chaklala 102mm.

Lahore also received little rain during the early hours of Sunday, bringing the temperature down to 19 degrees Celsius minimum and 24 degrees Celcius maximum. People in Lahore were forced to wear warm clothes, as the drop in temperature was felt by all. Whereas the temperature dropped from 28 degrees to 16 degrees Celcius.

Oncoming winds from Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia would also cause a drop in temperature in Sindh.

“There will be a sharp decline in Karachi’s temperature on Monday night,” Dr Hanif said.

This change in weather currently being felt in Pakistan, is also due to the fact that winds from Europe and Southern Russia are entering the country. These winds cause rainfall and a decline in temperature.




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