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Preach to your wife before you preach to the autowala: BJP leader tells Aamir Khan

Just when you thought the Aamir Khan and BJP issue was almost done and dusted, here comes another controversy. A BJP leader by the name of Ram Madhav had a crude warning for the Pk star:-

“It will not work that you preach to an auto wallah how the country’s prestige has to be saved but not tell the same to your own wife,” he said. Madhav further said with regard to Indian security and regional interest, there was no compromise though he did wish good relations with neighbour countries.
“We are dedicated to the security of the country. We want good relations with our neighbours. But with regard to the security of the country’s borders and its self-respect, no compromise will be accepted…we will take care that no need arises to return awards years later,” he said.

The remarks were in reference to Aamir Khan’s statement when he said his wife had suggested him that they move out of the country, since she feared for their security. Aamir later also went on to say that India was becoming ‘intolerant’. His move upset quite a few Bollywood superstars such as Anupam Kher, who were quite miffed with his comments. BJP announced a reward of INR 100,000 per slap to anyone who dared slap the Pk star.

The backlash over his comments was so severe that he was also dropped from the ‘Incredible India’ campaign he was part of and instead Big B was selected for it.



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