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‘Predator’ star Sonny Landham dies of heart failure

NEW YORK: Predator star Sonny Landham has passed away after a heart failure. He was 76.

Landham was best known for his role as Billy Sole in 1987 action film Predator, where he starred alongside leading man Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was cast as tough street cop in 1979 thriller The Warriors, before being typecast into various tough guy roles, including Action Jackson, Fleshburn and classic comedy caper 48 Hours.

Predator star Sonny Landham

Landham made the move from acting to politics in the early noughties, running in the Republican Party primary for Governor of Kentucky, but failed to win the nomination.

He then re-entered as an independent candidate before withdrawing from the race and instead backing the Republican hopeful.

He leaves behind a son, William and his daughter Priscilla.

Former Predator co-star Arnie led tributes to the actor on Twitter as news of his death broke, describing him as ‘fun’.

‘Sonny Landham was such a joy to work with on Predator – so talented, so fun to be around. We’ll miss him. My thoughts are with his family.’

Former wrestler and Predator co-star Jesse Ventura also paid respect to the actor.



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