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Preparations completed in Lahore for LA-30, LA-37 Azad Kashmir polls

Pakistan Muslim League-N’s candidate Ghulam Abbas Mir, Pakistan Peoples Party’s candidate Umar Sharif Bukhari and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Ghulam Muhayyuddin and other three independent candidates are participating in the elections.

A large number of Kashmiris live in Lahore. Hence, polling stations have been established in different parts of the city to facilitate Kashmiris. 4, 583 registered voters of LA-30 constituency from Jammu and 3, 935 registered voters of LA-37 from Kashmir valley are present in the city.

2704 male voters and 1, 879 female voters of LA-30 are present, while 2,172 male voters and 1, 763 female voters are present in the city.

LA-30: 18 polling stations for male only and one for female only have been established; while 19 others combined polling stations have also been set up. 19 presiding officers, 18 polling officers and 76 assistant polling officers will be deputed for this constituency in the city.

LA-37: 10 combined polling stations have been set up, while 10 presiding officers, 20 polling officers and 40 assistant polling officers will render their services for this constituency in the city.

Polling will start at 8:00am and last till 5:00pm without any break on July 21.

Election Commission of Pakistan has written to Lahore police for providing security at polling stations.



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