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President House turns pink for breast cancer awareness campaign

ISLAMABAD: Begum Samina Alvi, wife of President Arif Alvi, on Wednesday illuminated the president house building with pink light as a part of breast cancer awareness campaign in the month of October.

In a ceremony held at president house, Begum Samina Alvi pushed the button to illuminate the building in pink colour, thus marking a charity’s breast cancer awareness drive.

Addressing the ceremony, Begum Alvi said the month of October was being commemorated worldwide to create awareness about the breast cancer.

She underlined the importance of running an effective breast cancer awareness campaign which could help avoid incidents and deaths related to breast cancer.

Begum Samina Alvi said the breast cancer is killing women worldwide and in In Pakistan, due to lack of awareness, the disease was on the rise among females.

She maintained that media can also play an effective role by creating public awareness regarding the disease and while doctors and medical practitioners should should be invited in TV morning shows to create awareness about breast cancer.

Begum Alvi said every third woman in Pakistan was at the risk of suffering from the breast
cancer and timely diagnosis can help cure the disease at an early stage.

“Womenfolk should not be hesitant in getting themselves medically examined to timely detect the symptoms, doctors should be consulted immediately in case of any complication,” said Samina Alvi.

Dr Umar Aftab, head of cancer awareness programme, on the occasion said about 12 million women in the country could be at the risk of getting breast cancer.

Pink Ribbon, a leading charity organization for the support of breast cancer patients, is commemorating this October as PINKtober with #SaveThe9th theme that is a pledge to support the greater cause of building Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital to save every 9th Pakistani woman who is at high risk of breast cancer



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