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Armed forces can live up to any challenge: President Mamnoon Hussain

According to details, the President of Pakistan said that the armed forces were ready to tackle any challenge. Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif was also present at the passing out parade. Mamnoon Hussain also stated that certain malicious plots were being hatched against Pakistan.

“Unofficial wars are being started against Pakistan, in order to make the state unstable,” he said. He said however, the armed forces were ready to respond to any type of challenge.

“Operation Zarb-e-Azb will not be stopped till the very last terrorist is not eliminated from Pakistan,” he said. “Without security and stability, our objectives cannot be met,” he added.

Mamnoon Hussain also stated that the entire political leadership had given their approval to the National Action Plan based on national consensus.

“The whole region’s peace has been held hostage due to a couple of controversial issues,” said Hussain. “For long-term peace, it is essential that sensitive issues such as the Kashmir dispute must be resolved,” he continued.

Stringent security measures had been adopted for the parade. A helicopter was overseeing the security situation aerially.



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