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Price of dry fruit rises with lowering temperature

KARACHI: The price of dry fruits in the country has been increasing drastically with the decreasing temperature; the rising inflation makes it difficult for a middle class to buy dry fruits.

Karachi and twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi have witnessed the increase of 10 per cent in the price of dry fruits as compared to last year.

According to sources, American almond is being sold at 500 per kilogram in the whole-sale market while Pine-nut (chilgoza) at Rs 3000 per kilogram, pistachio at 1,800 per kilogram, walnuts at Rs 350 per kilogram, variety of kernel at Rs 750, Rs 850 and Rs 950 per kg, dried dates at Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kg and peanuts at Rs 200 per kg.

A dry fruit vendor said that with the fall of temperature in city demand for dry fruits had sharply increased and prices had shoot up.

Another vendor said that, most of the dry fruit is being imported and the weakening rupee against dollar also the reason for the hike in the price.



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