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People to soon realize Buzdar is number one Cheif Minister: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: It will be seen that Punjab chief minister Sardar Usman Buzdar will prove to be the best CM there is once the five-year term has concluded, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday in an exclusive interview.

The Prime Minister said in an exclusive interview today, to a private news channel, that those who do not perform in my governance are replaced, however, he stressed that when the incumbent term is over, people will acknowledge Buzdar is number one of all.

He said the very reason to install Buzdar as the chief minister was to develop areas where there’s no development. To introduce progress and prosperity in underprivileged areas of Punjab.

The Prime Minister, on the question of media freedom and his critics, said he is all for freedom of media as he has been on media for the past 40 years.

Criticism is an essential part of society and there has to be freedom in place for it, he said.

The PM however said that what some segments of the media label as U-turns, are just parts of my strategy. He said some of the criticism on him is replete with malicious intent and those who perpetrate it are exposed on their own.

The reason behind my change in the strategy is to materialize a win, he said, adding that even in the times of cricket, he had to tolerate people criticizing his decisions.

The Prime Minister said his only vision is to transform Pakistan into a welfare state and it is towards this goal that he has been struggling.

On the foreign front, he said that his government owns the foreign policy and underscored that Pakistan will not be a party to any controversy between any of the Islamic countries.

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Furthermore, the PM said he feels no pressure from any institution while discharging his roles as a prime minister and that he was under no obligation to appoint Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa as CPEC authority head but that his experience convinced him to instate him.

PM Khan said nobody had asked him for this appointment and added that Lt Gen Bajwa had set up the entire system of ISPR.




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