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Priyanka Chopra: I don't compare between my sisters

Another cousin sister of Priyanka is making her debut in the Indian film industry with her film Zid. Priyanka Chopra was found supporting her sister in a promotional event of the film. While talking to media about her sister actress said, Mannara is extremely independent and confident, she said  that she has seen her acting for the first time and it makes her extremely proud that her sister has smoothly done a difficult role.
A heart-warming camaradie was seen among sisters when Priyanka was asked about who is a better actor among her both sisters Mannara and Parineeti she said, “We have a talented family and everyone has their own best traits. I don’t compare between my sisters, they are individuals and they should be seen as individuals without any comparisons, said the mentor sister.
Priyanka also said that she is really proud of her siblings who are so talented that people are pre praising their work.



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