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Priyanka Chopra reveals nervousness for Quantico auditions

This has not been an easy journey for Priyanka who started from a modeling career to win the Miss World in 2000 and ultimately transitioning to the film industry.

It was her hard work and dedication that has established her one of the leading and highest-earning actors in India. The actor has also won praise and admiration for her hit series Quantico, and has made a lot of new friends as well.


However, Priyanka reveals that the transition to American television wasn’t easy for her. She has revealed her nervousness and skepticism about signing the Quantico deal.  She said:

“I was not sure whether I wanted to do TV initially but when Keli Lee, the VP of casting came to meet me in India to pitch the idea of a deal. She just said ‘You know what just come to LA and read the script, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to necessarily do it’. I wanted to pick a show that I wanted to watch and Quantico was that to me. It was one kind of show which made me go ‘Wow! I would love to see this one!”


Even though Priyanka had acted in more than 50 films by then, she managed to overcome the nervousness.  She said that it was not the first audition of her life and always knew what auditions were like.

“I went to the bathroom to calm myself down and said ‘You are 50 movies old, you do not have to be afraid of going in front of five people and performing. What’s the big deal?’

Priyanka also talked about the motivational advice from her father. She said that her father always told her not to fit in a glass slipper but rather shatter the glass ceiling. She was raised to be opinionated and have a mind of her own. She is a very proud feminist.





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