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Priyanka Chopra speaks on girl education in Boston

Chopra who was present at the EF (Education First) Hello World’s Day with World Leaders Conference along with Former President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and co-founder of Apple- Steve Wozniak, sent out a global message of bringing women empowerment through education. After the event, Priyanka further attracted the lime light with her tweets about the “privileged” moment of sharing the podium with renowned leaders.

In her keynote address she said that girl education plays a significant role in the development of a country.

Dressed in a sophisticated black dress, she couldn’t refrain from expressing her delight on talking about her favourite subject.

The actress has time and again proved that girls are head to head with men and even her success graph evinces the same with movies like “Fashion” and “Mary Kom”. To channel the same energy, Priyanka also supports Girl Rising campaign.

She is currently in the US for the shoot of an American TV show on ABC News.



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