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What caused the oil spill at scenic Mubarak Village coastline?

KARACHI: An overnight oil spill at scenic coastal line of Mubarak Village, Karachi has left many flabbergasted as local authorities have begun probe into possible reasons of the slick.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of Balochistan has also ordered Byco Petroleum to halt operations due to an oil spill on coastal area surrounding the popular local visitors spot, Charna Island.

Mubarak Village oil spill

According to reports, the spill was first spotted and reported by local fisherman who works with local fishing communities at Abdul Rehman Goth. “We are also getting conflicting reports as some people think it may be due to a leak in an underwater pipeline while others say that it all came from a passing vessel,” says Usman Iqbal added.

Mubarak Village – A beautiful place with a miserable life

Mohammad Moazzam Khan, technical adviser on marine fisheries at WWF-Pakistan, also confirmed the reports about some oil being found although he too could not put a finger on the cause. “We are getting reports and pictures from Mubarak Village, which is situated on the border of Sindh and Balochistan,” he said.

This oil slick spreading over one-and-a-half-kilometre in Mubarak Village has created panic among residents who feel that the marine flora and fauna are under threat.

Mubarak Village oil spill

Khan further added that his team had taken the oil fingerprints and would disclose the findings soon. “The fingerprints are taken to trace the oil slick source and adopt measures. It is responsibility of the EPA to visit the area when such a situation arises and take preventive measures.”

Mubarak Village,located about 30 kilometers away at Karachi’s coastline, has been home to around 4,000 people. The serene setting of the village sitting at the Arabian Sea certainly fascinates the outsiders or those making it to the captivating beach.



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