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Prosecution seeks new medical board to review Musharraf report

ISLAMABAD: Prosecution lawyers objected over the medical report on the state of health of former president Pervez Musharraf during hearing of the treason case against him on Friday, ARY News reported. 

The prosecution pleaded to the court headed by Justice Faisal Arab for constitution of a new medical board to review the report of the Armed Forces Institute of Cardialogy (AFIC),  submitted to the three-member trial court. 

According to sources, the medical report said that former president Pervez Musharraf immediately needed angiography but he was not agreed for the procedure in Pakistan. He wants to get the procedure done in a hospital of his choice in a foreign country. 

Defence counsel Anwar Mansoor said the report on Musharraf’s heath should be kept private. The counsel complained that a television channel had published one of Musharraf's medical reports on its website and requested the court to issue an order for its removal.

Chief prosecutor Akram Shaikh said the country's constitution had the provision of a free press, adding that  the law had different provisions for public figures and private persons.

Anwar Mansoor informed the court that the prosecution thrown lunch to media persons. Another counsel of Musharraf Ahmed Raza Kasuri said that the media being instigated against defence counsels. 

Justice Faisal Arab said the judges needed to review the report first before this debate.

The court ordered to provide the copies of medical report to the counsels of prosecution and defence. 



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