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Prosecutor argues over his appointment in treason case

ISLAMABAD: Prosecutor Akram Shaikh in his counter arguments over the plea against his appointment as prosecutor in the Article-6 case against Musharraf, said that he was not a loyalist of Nawaz Sharif nor enemy of Pervez Musharraf, ARY News reports on Wednesday.

The defence lawyers have filed a petition against the appointment of Akram Shaikh as prosecutor in the trial.

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Faisal Arab of Sindh High Court hearing treason charges against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf.

According to ARY News, the chief prosecutor argued that his appointment has been notified by the Ministry of Law in accordance with the relevant law and it was not unlawful.

He said he didn't give his personal opinion in interviews but quoted constitution about the death sentence or life term in the case.

The prosecutor complained that he was issued life threats.  

Justice Faisal Arab advised the prosecutor to argue over the allegations levelled against him.
Akram Shaikh said that if the court suspects he has been prejudiced as the prosecutor he was ready to step down from the responsibility with regard to the case. 



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