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Who is prospering from Thar drought?

KARACHI: The figures regarding relief supplies to drought hit region of Thar have created a riddle yet to be resolved, ARY News says in a report. 

The question is why the people of Thar still suffering and dying by hunger despite the government of Sindh's claims of distribution of 12.5 million kilograms of wheat among the people of the province's desert district. 

The figures released by the government claimed distribution of 11.1609510 million kilograms of wheat among the people of Tharparkar.  Still, people are dying of hunger in the region. 

According to the figures at the website of Sindh Disaster Management Authority, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has dispatched 1.404 mln kiolgrams wheat in the drought-hit area. 

According to a report 87,47,000 kilograms wheat floor distributed among 1,74,940 families in Tharparkar. Another 17,130 kilograms of wheat dispatched from Karachi. 

Other figures said that Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) sent 1380 kilograms of wheat for the victims of drought. 

Moreover, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has dispatched 10,000 bags of 10-kilogram to Tharparkar. 

The armed forces have also distributed 2,88,708 kilograms ration items among the drought victims. 

The question is why distribution of such large quantities of food items in the region failed to resolve the problem of hunger. 

Whether the people of the area still required more wheat. How justly the provincial government and the local administration has distributed relief goods among the people? Why the relief supplies from Punjab not described at the website? Who are the beneficiaries of thousands kilograms of pulses, sugar and milk? Where the medicine supplies vanished. Why the people of Thar migrating from the area due to scarcity of essential items?

The government must clarify whether the drought and plight of its victims has become prosperity for a few in the government of Sindh? 



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