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Protection of Pakistan Bill tabled in NA

ISLAMABAD: The government has tabled the Protection of Pakistan Bill in National Assembly today for approval, ARY News reported.

The Senate has already passed the anti-terrorism bill unanimously.

Federal Minister of Science and Technology Zahid Hamid introduced the bill in the lower house today.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has also arrived to attend the house proceedings. The government is trying to get the piece of legislation passed from the house with unanimous vote.

The Senate on Monday unanimously passed the Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014 which permits security forces to shoot suspects on sight.

The government says that it was very necessary to pass the bill to counter the activities of terrorists across the country.

The oppositions admits that it is a strict bill but the opposition parties support the government regarding the approval of the bill due to present law and order situation of the country.

The passage of the bill in the upper house became possible following the government`s acceptance of over a dozen opposition-proposed amendments to the draft of the law.



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