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Protest held outside KPC demanding Faizullah Khan’s release

According to details, representatives of the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ), Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) and other press associations participated in the demonstration.

They demanded the Afghan Government to release Faizullah Khan, who had mistakenly entered into Afghan territory while discharging his professional responsibilities.

Journalist fraternity stressed the Government of Pakistan to make serious diplomatic efforts in order to free the Pakistani journalist, or the scope of this protest will be extended countrywide.

The protesters lamented that since the arrest of Faizullah Khan, none of the concerned authorities consolidated his family nor did anyone assure his return.

Faizullah Khan had mistakenly crossed the Afghan territory during official reporting assignment and was detained by Afghan security forces in April this year, as he lacked necessary travel documents.

Later a military court in Nangarhar province had convicted the Pakistani reporter for entering into Afghanistan without travel documents. The court had sentenced him to four years’ prison term; however the three-member bench rejected spying allegations against him.

Since his conviction, journalist fraternity from within Pakistan and across the world has been strongly protesting against the decision and demanding the Afghan Government to release the Pakistani reporter immediately.



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