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PS4: ‘Everything’ is out

PlayStation 4 has released ‘Everything’, a game published and developed by David OReilly. According to OReilly this is something he himself could not imagine.

“This game has evolved into something I couldn’t have imagined. There were many things which seemed impossible to pull off in the beginning which we managed to do — and we’re really excited about getting it into your hands,” the game developer said in a statement.


In this game, as a playing character you can zoom in to become singular atoms or zoom out to become entire galaxies.


“As you may know, the game is centered around being things, and creating an experience where you can not just be things in the world, but you can be the world itself. You’re both the foreground and the background,” said the developer.


“You discover abilities as you progress through the game, and whatever you can do with one thing you can do with everything. So even though what you are is always changing — and each journey through the game is different — the core experience is structured and designed,” said OReilly





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