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PSL chairman Najam Sethi invites Nawaz and Imran for tournament final

The Pakistan Super League has been nothing short of exciting and tremendous so far. With numerous international as well as Pakistani cricketers putting their blood, sweat and tears for the trophy, the PSL has produced great cricket over the past couple of days. In order to keep the momentum going and further enthrall the cricket-mad nation, PSL chairman Najam Sethi has invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI chief Imran Khan for the final.

In a couple of tweets, the former chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) invited both political opponents to attend the final of the country’s first ever cricketing league.

Sethi also urged the nation to build a momentum on Nawaz and Imran to attend the final on February 23.

Will both political heavyweights put aside their ego and decide to attend the final for the good of the nation?



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