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PSP to open first overseas office in London

Speaking at a presser in Hyderabad flanked by Anees Qaimkhani, PSP leader Mustafa Kamala said, “Now our strategy against MQM is that we are this month sending some important members from our team to London to run the affairs of PSP unit office there”.

He said that their fight is with Indian intelligence agency RAW for the integrity of Pakistan and not with the MQM chief.

“He (MQM supremo) is a mere puppet and paid employee,” said Kamal.

“The enemy spy agency sees its investment made during last 20 years going in vain,” charged the PSP head.

“They (Indians) would make all-out attempts through Altaf to carry out bloodshed and spread anarchy to maintain their influence over here.”

He said that the PSP workers hurt in assault by MQM activists were asking for permission to retaliate, but we forgave all those who attacked us, our houses and bruised us.

“We would embrace them and won’t let any harm caused to them, though it is a tough thing, but if you want to be from among us then you would have to do the same,” he said.

“We won’t to do anything against MQM workers in Hyderabad. They are our brothers.”

During the presser, Kamal also voiced fears for the life of MQM’s senior leader Farooq Sattar, saying that he is in great danger after being handed over MQM leadership for a few hours on Thursday.

He said Farooq Sattar’s life should be safeguarded.



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