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PTI does not need western press to cover its rallies: Imran Khan

Imran Khan appreciated women for actively participating in PTI rallies besides instructing male youth to respect women.

Khan said that he has no desire for western press to cover his rallies. Decisions for the country’s future shall be taken inside the country.

PTI chief said that copy cats do not succeed and encouraged youth to read Allama Iqbal as he studied both western and eastern philosophy and carved out a world of his own.

Reminiscing the past, Khan said that when he went ahead to build Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital, even children donated money adding that if he has to do it again for the betterment of country he would not back down.

In an earlier speech, PTI chief claimed that after the October 30, 2011 rally, he resisted an offer to sell his party for 300 crore rupees.



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