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PTI demands probe into killing of unarmed MQM worker

Mazari asked how stolen weapons especially NATO-type were found at Nine Zero and why wanted men were being sheltered there. “It is criminal for a political party to have prohibited bore NATO-type arms at their office.”

In a statement, she regretted the killing of an unarmed MQM worker during the operation and she demanded an investigation must take place as to who did the killing as Rangers have stated he was killed by a TT pistol, not a Rangers’ weapon.

Mazari made clear the PTI had been demanding all armed militias must be disbanded and political parties must disassociate from militias and mafias. On PTI’s initiative disarming of all private armed groups and militias was made part of the National Action Plan against terrorism.

She said it is time for all political parties and their leadership to realise that no one can be above the law.

Meanwhile PTI senior leader Arif Ali, also in his tweet, condemned killing of MQM activist Waqas Shah and called for investigation into the murder.

He cited Rangers as saying that Shah was not killed by their weapons, but by a TT pistol.



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