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PTI amends ‘Plan C’

Talking to media outside Imran Khan’s residence in Bani Gala, PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said they had not planned to close down shops or resort to shutter-down strike in its shut-down call. We intend to lodge peaceful protest, he added.

He said entire PTI leadership would reach the respective cities on its specified dates for shut-down call in different cities.

He also condemned the attack on media persons and their DSNG vans on Sunday.

The PTI’s amended plan for shut-down of cities is as follows:

Faisalabad – December 8

Karachi – December 12

Lahore – December 15

entire Pakistan- December 18

PTI chief Imran Khan had unveiled his ‘Plan C’ in a large public gathering in Islamabad on Sunday (November 30), giving dates for shut-down in three big cities followed by lock-down in the entire country.

He said he also had ‘Plan D’ in the bucket, in case his current plan failed to make effect.




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