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PTI appoints Hamza Ali Abbasi as party's Cultural Secretary

The most sought after television star of Pakistani Hamza Ali Abbasi has always shown his admiration and affiliation to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf through his active posts on social media. The Pyare Afzal fame actor who joined the party last year during PTI’s sit-in protests will now essay the role of PTI’s Karachi Secretary Culture.

PTI’s party president of Karachi Ali H. Zaidi made an announcement on Friday 23rd January that Hamza will take on the responsibilities of dealing with cultural issues and media related party issues. Hamza has been appointed on the basis of his keen interest in country’s cultural progress. The actor who belongs to a family of civil servants has always been vocal on the national and international contemporary issues.

The Pyare Afzal star is an actor and director by profession, has earlier made a documentary based on the life of Imran Khan inside the container. He has also been roped by ISPR for a documentary on the Army Public School carnage.



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