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Imran Khan dares Sharif brothers to sue him over Rs10bn offer claim

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that he will name the person who offered him Rs 10 billion on behalf of Sharif family if Sharif brothers take him to court over the matter, ARY News reported.

Addressing his party’s anti-Nawaz rally in Islamabad’s Parade Ground, Imran Khan dared the Sharif family to take him to court over the matter and he will disclose the name after getting protection for the man.

“Take me to the court, I will take protection for that man and then disclose his name,” said Imran Khan.

The PTI chief maintained that he hasn’t named the person for he fears that Sharif brothers will conspire against him if he does so.

Addressing a gathering in Peshawar’s Shaukat Khanum Hospital on Tuesday, Imran Khan claimed that he was offered Rs10 billion to stay silent over the Panamagate issue.

The PTI chief’s statement stirred up a hornet’s nest as a number of PML-N leaders and ministers dared him to name the individual who offered him the money.

Appearing in ARY News show “Off The Record” on Wednesday, Imran Khan claimed that it was one of it was one of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif’s friends who offered him Rs 10 billion to stay silent over Panama leaks issue.


Shahbaz Sharif’s friend offered me Rs10bn, says Imran Khan

The PTI chief, however, did not name the person who approached him with the offer.

Talking to his party workers today, Imran Khan claimed that Sharif brothers have a history of “buying” people and asked them as to “what did they give this nation after buying everyone?”


Imran Khan was of the view that the PML-N government is badly taxing people because they are involved in corruption.

“2.5 crore children are out of school because our money is being looted, we’re getting poor not because of lack of resources but because of this loot and plunder,” said the PTI chief.

Winding up his speech, Imran Khan asked everyone to protest against what he termed Sharif family’s corruption like people of other countries did until those named in Panama papers were ousted.


PTI, in its post Panama verdict strategy, geared up to demonstrate its power in Islamabad on Friday, intending to force the sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to step down for failing to provide concrete evidence in Panamagate case.


Around fifty thousand chairs were placed for the attendees. ‘Manzil Qareeb Hai’ (Destination is nearer) was the theme of the rally.



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