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PTI assigned $2 billion for e-government proficient initiative

KARACHI: The upcoming Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government is ready to convert the conventional government system with e-government system by allocating $2billion, in order to facilitate public with lucidity & competency for a better Pakistan.

According to PTI digital policy, this e-government will mainly spotlight on private-public partnership in the information technology region of Pakistan, enabling 1 million supplementary jobs.

According to sources, it is revealed that many countries are saving billions of dollars by the help of implementation of e-government, as it creates transparency between the public and the government rules & regulations.

PTI in its manifesto stated that they intend to generate 10 million jobs in the period of next five years, 1 million will be created in the IT sector through early stages training and a special focus will be mainly on exports and related jobs. PTI has aimed to allocate $2 billion for citizen services, digital infrastructure and different e-government proposals in the next five years.

Also, the incoming PTI government envisage to enlarge the tax net by the help of automation initiative in government services, in order to keep a track on corruption and to enhance competency level in services for citizens.

The new PTI government is also planning to collaborate with the private sector instead of any competition with them.

PTI, in its policy has also proposed the setting up of Knowledge Economy Authority with cross-sectional powers within all government departments, which will be managed by the private sector’s chief information officer.



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