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PTI challenges govt to probe its leaders’ alleged offshore firms

In response to allegations leveled by the information minister, PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haq challenged Pervez Rasheed and the government to hold a probe against the party leaders according to the laws within 48 hours.

Rashid today alleged six PTI members of having offshore companies registered in their names.

“Those leveling allegations should first tell how many assets do they have? How much have they earned from them?… Which products were they selling?” the minister said demanding explanation from rival party leaders.

The PTI spokesperson said if the government officials did not initiate probe into PTI members’ alleged offshore companies then they would betray their designation and the oath they had taken while taking over the ministerial post or premiership.

“Pervez Rasheed should leave his job and just prove his loyalty with the prime minister,” he taunted.

Haq said the ministers whose salary was paid by taxpayers were only defending Nawaz Sharif and safeguarding his personal wealth in a way which has no moral authority.

“For God’s sake, if you have to prove yourself loyal to Nawaz Sharif then leave government post,” he castigated.



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