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PTI condemns imposition of Article 245 in Islamabad

A press release of the core committee was released  in which it was stated that if the government withdraws the imposition of Article 245 then it will be a political decision. It was further stated that no democratic government resorts to such decisions as it is a clear indication of the failure of the government alongwith law and order.

“Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) is directly accepting that it has failed to protect the capital and other important cities. It is clear that the government is trying to hide the rigging in the elections in 2013 by imposing the article in frustration”, the release said.

It was further said that if the government wants a clash between the military and PTI then it will be dangerous as the party believes in peaceful demonstrations and marches. It also states that involving the military to stop democratic and political marches unethical and unacceptable.

PTI further stated that the military is a state institution and the government cannot use it against its political opponents. The press release also stated that PTI has the right to go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan if the government wants to use the Article 245 on 14th August.



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