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PTI files appeal against Panama Leaks plea rejection

PTI’s Barrister Hamid Khan in his appeal said that the Registrar has no powers to object over a constitutional petition. He argued that the Registrar could not give a judicial decision over the merit of the plea, as it is discretion of the judges to hear the plea and issue orders.

The appeal further said that declaring the petition as ‘non-serious’ and ‘baseless’ by the Registrar indicates inexperience and using words without using the mind.

The appeal further said that the objections of the Registrar not only disrespectful for the judicial system but it is equal to pouring scorn over the senior lawyers as the petition has been prepared by three most senior and seasoned lawyers.

The appeal further said that the plea was not without grounds but it was filed under Article 184 (iii) of the constitution over the prime minister’s address on Panama Leaks.

The appeal further said that returning back the petition is violation of the rights given to the people under Articles 9, 14, 17 and 25 of the constitution.

The appeal asked for producing petition in the court and justice be provided after hearing by the learned judges.



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