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PTI foundation day: Islamabad braces for big rally today

The rally will be held at the Fatima Jinnah Park in Sector F9 and will start at 5PM.

This will be a massive show of strength as thousands of party workers and supporters are expected to throng to the venue from across the country. Several prominent singers are also expected to perform as has been the tradition of its rallies and gatherings.

Security arrangements for the rally are also completed as more than 10,000 policeman are expected to be perform their duties at the venue and the entry points where participants are expected to arrive.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan is expected to address the gathering at around 8pm. On Saturday, Imran Khan visited the venue to oversee the arrangement and was hopeful for its immense success.

Earlier, Khan had rejected the judicial commission which is being formed to probe financial irregularities and corruption involving offshore accounts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family.

He said that it was been formed to bury justice and expressed disappointment at the Prime Minister’s address to the nation. He stressed that accountability should start with the PM and later he will present himself as well.

Imran is expected to announce the future course of action today.



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