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PTI given go-ahead to hold thanksgiving rally at Parade Ground

ISLAMABAD: The district administration on Saturday allowed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to hold celebratory rally at Rawalpindi’s Parade Ground on Sunday, ARY News reported.

PTI chairman Imran Khan had announced yesterday to hold ‘thanksgiving’ rally in Islamabad on Sunday to celebrate the verdict of the Supreme Court, disqualifying his arch-nemesis, erstwhile Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to the district administration, PTI has been permitted to hold the rally at the Parade Ground, however, it would have to wind up the show before 11:00 pm. The deputy commissioner has also issued necessary directives to traffic police to ensure smooth flow of traffic during the rall, it added.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan has convened a meeting of the party’s parliamentary leaders today to discuss the scenarios emerging in the aftermath of the verdict and the party’s strategy. Sources said the parliamentary leaders have been asked to arrive in Islamabad for the meeting.

During a press conference yesterday, Khan, who appeared happy over the decision, announced to celebrate the victory in the Panama Papers case. He had termed the decision as historic and great victory for the nation.

He said, “The first thing which came to my mind was that this (verdict) is the foundation of new Pakistan and rule of law. For the very first time, a powerful man was made to follow the law. They (the Sharifs) were ruling like Mughals, they misused state’s resources at will, owned palaces abroad and broke laws without accountability. Whoever rules this country should be held accountable and I am happy.”



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