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PTI govt wants ‘business friendly Pakistan’: FM Qureshi

NEW YORK: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi addressing a distinguished gathering of business leaders, think tank analysts and media persons, convened by Atlantic Council, said his government envisions ‘a business friendly Pakistan.’ 

Describing the results of the July 25 elections as a resounding verdict in favor of change by the people of Pakistan, Foreign Minister Qureshi highlighted PTI government’s commitment to establishing rule of law, and rooting out corruption and red tape.

He added that it was a priority with the government to generate employment opportunities for the millions of young Pakistanis entering the job market every year.

The Foreign Minister briefed the distinguished audience on investment climate and opportunities in Pakistan.

Mr. Qureshi explained that Pakistan had a large and growing middle class market and a young work force while being located at the crossroads of China, Central and South Asia. He recognized improving the ease of doing business for foreign companies in Pakistan.

Speaking to the attendees of the event, the Minister noted that Pakistan was already a home to many renowned multinational corporations and international franchises, which had been operating profitably in the country for many decades.

On the external front, Foreign Minister Qureshi outlined Prime Minister Imran Khan’s approach of proactive engagement with neighboring countries seeking peace and stability in South Asia.




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