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PTI hints at ceasing talks with govt

Shah Mehmood Qureshi of the PTI said that no room was now seemingly left for talks with the government. We showed ample flexibility in the dialogue, he added.

It was apparently a last sitting with the government, said the PTI leader. “I am speaking with a great courage that government is fumbling to move on to meet PTI’s demands,” added Qureshi.

He said he would communicate to his party chairman that further sittings were going to be meaningless.

Ishaq Dar said the talks were held with the PTI on three points. We will now convey those points to our leadership [Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif].

He maintained that, “Let the judicial commission decide the matter.”

“We will also take other parties into confidence regarding three points discussed with the PTI.”

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said we had agreed to hold transparent inquiry into alleged rigging in general elections of 2013.

We will try our best to resolve the dispute, he added.

Iqbal said Whatever done so far was under the ambit of constitution and law.



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