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Mazari presents footage of PMLN officials involved in Faisalabad mayhem

Addressing a press conference here, PTI central information secretary, Dr Shireen Mazari accused that the plan to sabotage the PTI rally in Faisalabad and to deteriorate the law and order of third largest metropolis, was devised at the Circuit House in the presence of Rana Sanaullah.

She suggested the Punjab Government to suspend the local administration of Faisalabad prior to the investigations of the event, for it will try to influence the inquiry.

She said that Tehreek-i-Insaf is a political party and staging peaceful protest is its constitutional right.

“If the government is serious regarding talks with her party, then it should first form the judicial commission to probe rigging of elections”, Mazari said. “We want to hold negotiations, but for this the government will have to build up an atmosphere of trust”.

She also said that PTI never stepped back from PM’s resignation demand; it was only delayed for some time.

“If the government formed the judicial commission before December 18, then PTI may also withdraw from its call to shut down the entire country”, she added.

The PTI information secretary said, “It is the government on which the solution to the issues rests now, we have been exhibiting enough flexibility to the date”.

She alleged that the Faisalabad incident was preplanned and that the PMLN has always been up for a massacre.

Moreover, Shireen Mazari presented the footage of former PMLN nazims and councilors, involved in Faisalabad unrest and demanded the Punjab Government for their immediate arrest.



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