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PTI rapped by Khwaja Asif in Parliament session

As MQM legislator Farooq Sattar winded up his brief speech on intervention of the Speaker , Defence Minister Khwaja Asif rose to his seat and first moaned without directly naming PTI members that ‘it was still said outside the parliament that this House is bogus.”

The House, during a joint sitting of Parliament to discuss Yemen situation, was echoed with ‘Go Imran Go’ chants by the PML-N legislators.

PTI lawmakers rapped by Khwaja Asif in NA

The minister then urged the Speaker Ayaz Sadiq to seek opinion of each PTI lawmaker one by one whether they have resigned or they are member of the House.

Amid his speech, the minister suddenly burst into anger and asked PTI lawmakers ‘to have some morality, ethics and principle.”

“They are accusing Parliament of being fake but still sitting here, they should have some shame,” said Asif in his hard-hitting one-minute diatribe.

Farooq Sattar speech hits out at PTI presence in NA

MQM also staged a token walkout from the House in protest as the Speaker had not allowed Farooq Sattar to complete his speech.

Aitzaz Ahsan defuses tension

PPP Senator Aitzaz Ahsan began his speech amid anti-PTI slogans from the treasury benches, saying the government had itself convinced PTI to join the parliament.

He said government should have mild tone towards its opponents. The PPP leader said government must refrain itself from indulging in mud-slinging.




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