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PTI leaders seek clarification of PM’s offshore companies

“I myself have sent money abroad but through legal channels and I have clarified all my accounts. Now it is Mian Sahib’s turn,” he said while talking to media at Zaman Park in Lahore during preparation for PTI public gathering today and making political ground suitable for Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

He said the important thing was that how did he send money abroad, this is what Nawaz must explain.

Tareen said he and his children had paid Rs270 million tax.

Another PTI leader Abdul Aleem Khan said PTI members were united against the government and there was no fight among them.

He said ruler was answerable first, so the prime minister should start accountability from his home. He should ask his relatives.

PTI leader from Karachi, Ali Zaidi, was also present on the occasion he said Mian Sahib was living on theft money.

He said law was being murdered in Pakistan. Might had become law there. “Law is might, however might has become law in Pakistan.”

Zaidi also said PTI was innovator in politics, even music was originated by which was later followed by other political parties.

“We may have difference of opinions, but we are one to end corruption,” he said.



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