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PTI presence in Parliament unconstitutional: Farooq Sattar

Talking to media after the parliament session he said the party will knock the door of the court if required.

He said according to the constitution the PTI members have resigned. The MQM leader said that when a parliamentarian tenders resignation, it is considered as such and that parliamentarian should no longer attend the house proceedings.

He said there was no question of accepting or not accepting a resignation. A resignation takes on constitutional importance once it is tendered, he further said.

Sattar said that if a parliamentarian remains absent from the house proceedings for 40 consecutive days, then he or she stands automatically de-seated from the house.

He said the party may boycott and record its protest until it was given an explanation regarding the attendance of the PTI members in the Parliament.

MQM leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said the party members invited the Speaker’s attention towards the presence of ‘strangers’ in the parliament. He termed the joint session of the Parliament completely unconstitutional.



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