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PTI, MQM candidates unable to poll vote in NA-246 by-election

According to details, PTI nominee Imran Ismail is a registered voter of NA-250 Defense Karachi, while MQM candidate Kunwar Naveed Jamil has his vote registered in NA-219 Hyderabad.

Hence, none of the two candidates will be able to poll their vote on April 23.

On the other hand, only two hours have left in the conclusion of election campaign in the constituency NA-246.

It seemed that the political parties had vested their powers more in surpassing each other in the campaign than to win the polls.

The constituency witnessed series of incidents, though not so serious, from smashing of the wind screens of vehicles to the uprooting of election camp and at some places scuffles between activists of rival political parties.

Top leadership of the contesting parties also visited NA-246 as part of the campaign for the much-hyped by-election and tried garnering public support.

Government has announced a holiday in district Central of Karachi on polling day [April 23], while CCTV cameras will also be installed inside the polling stations in the constituency.

Paramilitary personnel will be deployed both inside and outside the polling stations on April 23, while the counting of votes will also be held under Rangers’ supervision.




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