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PTI nominates Ravi Kumar on Soran Singh’s seat

Soran Singh was shot dead on April 22 in Buner district. The second person in the line of priority for the seat, Baldev Kumar, is accused of killing Singh. While, Ravi Kumar is the third person on priority list for the seat.

Two of the six suspects in Singh’s murder have confessed their involvement in the wicked act during a hearing in a court today.

“Being the leading party, PTI has submitted a priority list with the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP,” read the letter.

“Since, the second person on priority list, Baldev, being a prime suspect in Sorang Singh murder case, is under police custody. Therefore the party has withdrawn his nomination and instead decided to name Ravi Kumar as member of the provincial assembly on this reserved seat.”

The party requested the CEC to take necessary steps to timely complete the election of Kumar as member of KP Assembly.



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