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Rigging probe: PTI eyes 'Plan-D' to pressurize govt

The judicial commission to probe electoral rigging could not be formed despite all the government claims. PTI chairman Imran Khan and other leaders have now started speaking up against what they describe as government’s ‘delaying tactics’.

PTI, in an attempt to mount pressure on the government, has now started preparing itself for executing ‘Plan-D’.

Sources told that consultation process among the party leaders has sped up in this regard and the widely anticipated Plan-D is likely to be presented at the workers convention on January 18.

It was further reported that if the government accepts PTI’s demands prior to January 18, then the plan will be postponed.

In case the government, according to PTI source, remains adamant not to fulfil its promises, then a full-fledged protest movement was likely to be resumed against the PML-N-led government.



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