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PTI, PAT protesters clash with police in Islamabad

According to details, Punjab police personnel deployed in Islamabad tried to arrest some PAT workers returning to their homes near PM secretariat after attending the sit-in. Hearing the news. PTI workers came to their rescue and scuffled with police.

The minor ambush soon turned into a fully fledged fight as police baton charged the protesters while protesters hurled stones at the police.

PTI leaders called back their workers to the sit-in after hearing about the clash while amidst the whole scene, Islamabad police arrested a number of PTI workers from Margalla Chowk.

PTI leader Ali Amin while talking to media said that police is arresting PTI and PAT workers on daily basis adding that the public protest faced with police baton charge is a part of protest.

Amin further said that the trend will continue till the government has oppressing power and the protesters have courage.



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