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PTI plan to shut down Karachi on Friday unveiled

According to PTI spokesperson, the party will stage sit-ins on at least 24 locations of the metropolis, which include Hasan Square, Nursery, Numaish roundabout, Star Gate, Steel Tow, National Highway, Sohrab Goth, Native Jetty, Sher Shah, Kalapul, Mauripur, Five Star roundabout, Habib Bank roundabout, Bilal roundabout, Sultanabad, Hub River Road, M.P.R. Colony and Dawood roundabout.

The spokesperson said PTI workers would stage sit-ins at the designated spots and block the roads.

The PTI is implementing its ‘Plan C’, which revolves around shutting down major cities before a countrywide lockdown on December 18, to press the government to form judicial commission for probing alleged rigging into general elections of 2013.



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