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PTI protests against Israeli atrocities in Palestine 

The rally was led by PTI’s representative Mumtaz Ahmad Kahloon. The participants had raised placards and banners in favor of Palestine and against Israel.

The protesters said that Israel has shown its true face to the world by bombing innocent Muslims. He said that blood on innocent Muslims will not go in vain.

“The heart of every Muslim men, women and children beats with the Palestinian people”, participants said. They also stated that Israel should take the path of sanity or the Muslims across the world will rise up to help their Muslims brothers and there will be no way for oppressors to escape.

Protesters also demanded the government of Pakistan should lead the Muslim nation and confront the United States and Israel as the country is the sole Muslim nuclear state.

PTI staged another rally at Lahore that was led by PTI leader Abrar-ul-Haq.



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