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PTI returns to Parliament

PTI lawmakers attending the joint sitting of the Parliament today to specially discuss the evolving situation in Yemen.

Earlier, talking to media outside the parliament house, Imran Khan said he would himself present his party’s viewpoint on the issue during the session.

“We have special relations with Saudi Arabia and all the Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives for the defence of Haramain Sharifain”, said PTI chief.

Giving her viewpoint, spokesperson of PTI Shireen Mazari said her party will oppose Pakistan’s involvement in Yemen conflict.

About their return to parliament, she claimed that the government has accepted the rigging in the general elections.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI Leader Shafqat Mehmood declared formation of judicial commission to probe rigging in general elections as great success by saying “PTI have asked to probe rigging in four constituencies only but now investigation is being done of the whole election.”

The decision to return to Parliament was taken yesterday during the meeting of PTI core committee after promulgation of an ordinance to form a judicial commission to probe the alleged rigging in general election in 2013.

PTI has returned to parliament after seven months.

Azaadi March

Imran Khan held a long march from Lahore to Islamabad in August 2014, along with Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Tahir ul Qadri, demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation over alleged irregularities in the 2013 elections, which his party PML-N won by a landslide.

The march turned into a sit-in demonstration in the secure Red Zone of the capital outside the parliament, where Khan’s followers camped for 126 days.

Khan had vowed to stay there until the prime minister resigned, but he ended his demonstration in wake of a deadly Taliban attack on the Peshawar school in December that killed 154 people, mostly school children.

Imran Khan then changed track and demanded the creation of a judicial commission to investigate the allegations of election fraud.



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