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PTI suspends Javed Hashmi as party president

PTI chairman Imran Khan has also summoned Hashmi in Islamabad on September 29. Imran will seek explanation from the axed party leader over his statements against the party.

Decision to suspend Hashmi as PTI president was taken by Imran under his authority as the party head. The PTI also issued show-cause notice to Hashmi.

Earlier in his press conference in the day, Hashmi challenged PTI vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi to contest by-election against him from NA-150 and NA-149, if the latter resigned from his constituency.

Hashmi challenged Qureshi to resign and face him in the elections. He said it would be known soon that “who is ‘Daghi’ in the party”.

He informed that he would submit his nomination papers for by-elections tomorrow.



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