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PTI’s Alvi demands resignation of Governor Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh President Arif Ali on Thursday said that they cannot be silent on the allegations against Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad, and demanded that he resign immediately and be placed on the Exit Control List.

Alvi, while addressing a press conference at Insaf House, said that Governor has accused the Mutahida Quami Movement of ethnic cleansing in Karachi, even of Urdu-speaking community to silence them.

However, this came as no surprise to them as the people of Karachi has witnessed bloodshed for the last three decades. He said that previously such actions were either brushed aside or were blamed on unknown persons, but now the different factions of the MQM have exposed them.

This was evident from the 12 May, 2007 incident which was held when the MQM was incharge,  and  later they even planned to stop the Sindh High Court from investigation. He said that this must be investigated and all those responsible must be held accountable.

He said that Ibad was the recommended governor of the MQM for over thirteen years. He alleged that the governor was responsibl for removing the names of MQM criminals from the lists of the CPLC.

He said that Ibad is known for clearing MQM target killers, and even their party workers Dr. Zahra Shahid was killed on the instruction of a MQM sector incharge.

He said he does not know about the allegation by Mustaf Kamal that the governor was in contact with Altaf Hussain, and was even helping Farooq Sattar.

However, he said that these factions have blamed the MQM chief and the lower target killers, but no one has held the middle leadership responsible.

Alvi said that their party is also aware that Mustafa Kamal handed out contracts on personal preferences during his mayoral tenure. The allegations against him by the governor including the buying properties in Malaysia and London must be investigated as well.

He also lashed out at the Pakistan People’s Party and said that corruption was still rife in the province and no efforts were taken by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

He said that Sharjeel Memon was responsible for two billion of corruption, while Murad Ali Shah more concerned about federal issues and speaking against Imran Khan.

He vowed that they would go from Karachi on 2nd November to Islamabad to demand accountability against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over Panama Papers.



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